preggo selfcare

Selfcare, sounds egoistic, but is it really?
I think it is when you only focus on yourselves, never on others.
Looking back on my life before having kids I now realize, that I had loads of free time (even when I thought my life was super busy back then). Time to focus on myself, time to do whatever I wanted.
Two years later, mum of a toddler and second time pregnant with another baby boy life looks slightly different. Surely I am still in a priviledged position where my husband gets home from work early and takes over Lee loads of times.
It nevertheless took (and still takes time) to get used to my “new” life. And it will change again in only a few weeks. So that makes me to fully enjoy every moment of being a mom of one and the things I love doing (beside being a mom).
Letting go of old things / habits can sometimes be overwhelming. I am a total creature of habit. But the days we get to spend with our Kids will not last forever, and this makes me to embrace my new role!


There are things like Sports, which still find a place in my life. Working out and being outside is my key to balance. I would run at 5am in the morning if there is not other time frame during the day. And let me tell you: It’s perfect bliss during the warmer summer month! (you should give it a try)
For this blog post I teamed up with Lola Studios - because feeling great in your workout clothes can sometimes be a big motivation to actually start working out. Investing into a proper yoga mat was so overdue. It leaves room to workout whenever you feel like (when not being able to hit the gym).
(you can shop the outfit on Stadtlandkind)
Keonatraining will kick your butt with a huge sense of humour! She’s celebrating the opening of her Studio on Friday June 15th. I’m a huge fan of her workout sessions. This girl is absolutely passionate about making you feel better than before (and more sweaty) ;)
Personally I prefer to workout as early in the morning as possible. Before everybody else wakes up in our home. This gives me the feeling of loads of me time, and it’s my perfect start into a new day.
And It helps me stay in shape during this pregnancy.
Also appreciating every drop of cold water on my skin. Thanks to my husband who introduced me to swimming - simply loving it.

At the beginning of this pregnancy I had some skin problems (which led to not feeling too great when it Comes to self esteem) ;))
Skin care takes time, and to be honest somedays I simply forgot. But now having amazing products at home, makes this part actually easy. It’s like a spa treatment at home, which you just don’t want to miss out!
I’m absolutely excited about the pure oil Treatments from bepure (a Swiss company). I’ve had their lavender nightly oil already and now I get to use a rose scented one and the fabulous eye serum.
Also stumbeled upon another Beautiful Swiss Company called SHEA YEAH they are all about purest shea butter (directly imported from Ghana).
Both companies are smaller business which are 100% vegan, toxic free, fair trade and hand made! And absolutely worth every single penny!!

Lee loves nap hour is my “holy hour”. Who knows how it will look like when Baby number two arrives us, but for the next couple of weeks I absolutely enjoy being able to rest, read or just netflix ;)