Own it!

Yes I started wearing compression stockings at 17 weeks pregnant. Why?
Because it was still cold back then and I thought, better now than later (in hot summer).
Actually loved wearing them during my first pregnancy with Lee (which was in winter & spring) - instead of regular tights. THANK YOU SIGVARIS FOR SUPPORTING MY LEGS!!
And we live in such a wealthy country where two pairs are paid by our health insurance. Isn’t it amazing? So why not wearing it? Rather wearing them than recovering from a varices surgery (both my mum and grandma had to remove them).

Being pregnant is surely amazing and stretching at the same time. There’s the pregnancy glow on one side and then there are heavy legs on the other.
30 % of pregnant women develop varices during their first pregnancy and even 55% during their second (that would be me now).
Varices are not only not beautiful to look at, but can also help to evolve thrombosis.
So that’s why I appreciated colder days. It was just way easier to put them on.
Honestly, the past weeks it was just too hot to wear them (and lucky me, my legs weren’t heavy at all). It became my daily routine to shower ice cold and treating my legs with icy water (more than once a day), And I could spend the whole day swimming, and that’s what we are doing most of the time These days.
I also started to elevate my legs as much as possible.

But I’m aware that my situation could change from one day to another. And yes maybe I will have to wear these amazing support stockings again. (actually already preparing myself because I’m only 30 weeks pregnant now).
isn’t it mostly almost about our focus? How do we look at things. You could think: so annoying wearing very tight stockings. But you could also think: It’s not gonna be forever and it will help.

Also nowadays you can even find attractive stockings, like the ones from SIGVARIS (also colourful ones - see pictures bellow).
Link to the product: SIGVARIS MAGIC COLORS

What else are compression stockings good for?

- Wearing compression stockings should help against pregnancy sickness
- your legs will regenerate much faster after a long day, mostly standing (instead of massages)
- Prevents water retention

What more can we do for our legs?
- Exercise on a daily basis!
(such as swimming, running, daily walks, cycling, yoga) you know best what you’re still able to do!
- drink plenty of water / unsweetened tea (2-3 L/day)
- eat healthy! (a nutrition high in fiber)
- elevate your legs as much as possible
- When standing or sitting: move your toes!
- Contrasting showers: Switch from hot to cold water (it needs practice, but is oh so good, I’m ending every shower on cold).
- Avoid heat (such as sauna, direct sun, roman bath)

And in the end: OWN IT and make it feel great! With the right attitude and mindset you can even make medical stockings look sexy!!