Caring is sharing!

In April we received a big box with finest Louis Widmer Baby skin care products (actually meant for Lee and the newborn). But: I was suffering very dry and itchy skin from the beginning of my second pregnancy. The ointment which I got from my doctor helped at the beginning (and thanks to Tel Aviv air and sea which brought some relief for one week), but my skin was still itchy and I literally scratched myself bloody.
It seemed like the Louis Widmer package arrived right on time.
Since nothing really helped I tried the baby lotion for my skin. IT HELPED! Tremendous relief!
My skin feels much softer now again and the scratches are gone.

Since having kids I’m even more aware to use products with only pure ingredients (and rather nothing than something toxic). When Lee was a baby I was actually even afraid to put something onto his very soft and fresh newborn skin. So till he was one year old I mostly just oiled him after bathing (and still).
The Skin of a newborn is something so precious and vulnerable. It will probably never be that soft again. So let’s help to keep them their softness for as long as possible.

When I got invited to the launch event of Louis Widmer’s Baby Pure product line I was very curious about it (maybe also a little sceptical to be honest, because nowadays almost every cosmetic line is supposed to be “natural”).
So what did convince me?
A: It was the owners desire (who just became a mommy) to introduce a baby skin care line (and I don’t think she would want to harm her babies)
B: The ingredients are reduced to the maximum (puristic - which also matches our lifestyle)
C: it was tested with real people (midwives, doctors, mums and babies and myself)

Louis Widmer Baby Pure is reduced to the Minimum. Their formula respects the characteristics and perfection of Babys delicate and very sensitive skin.

When looking for skin treatments for your youngest you should always carefully consider what product to get. Read about the label and the ingredients before buying and spening money on it. Also maybe check with your midwive. What I also like to do is ask my mum or even grandmother how they used to do it back then.

With baby number two I will definitely follow my instinct again and probably use as little as possible (beside oil and a lotion for the red bottom.