second season is not from yesterday!

Recently the spring flea market took place.
Because there were some treasures stored in our basement, I was selling too.
But firstly I went hunting for some goodies!

Flea markets and thrift stores always fascinated me. It’s like digging for gold.
This time I found two very cool pieces from Mingo Kids :)
I just love when I find cute kids clothes from more expensive labels.
Lee’s shoes I mostly buy second hand and I have never spent more than CHF 20.- on his shoes so far. Most of the pairs I’ve found are almost brand new (Converse, NIke, Adidas).

I realized that it’s actually way more fulfilling to buy used clothes than new ones.
Why? Because A: you save Money (sometimes even a lot of Money) and B: I like when our clothes don’t end up in the bin or somewhere unknown. C: it can bring joy to someone else!

Another great place to find second Season / second hand clothes is the online shop: / I stumbeled upon last summer and ever since I am a regular on their page.

Because I really appreciate what they do, I put together a few questions which answered for me.

Since when do you run your Business?
We will be turning two briefly! :) went online on June 3rd 2017.

Are you the only second hand online shop in Switzerland?
Right. There’s no other Swiss online shop like ours.
We cooperate with other shops and have an automatized vending tool

How do you direct attention towards your amazing concept & shop?
We have all worked in the online marketing section (for Swisscom). We have learned a lot About user experience, customer journey, customer inclusion.
So we built our online shop according to these points; professional appearance, clear user direction, attractive design, accompanied by an honest and transparent way of communication.
We successfully managed to increase our renownedness with blog posts and presence at events.
Our partnership with Stadtlandkind has helped us a lot explicitly positioning our online shop and to draw attention on it.
We also invested a lot of time into Instagram.

Can we also send you clothes from H&M / Zara or only from more expensive (organic) labels?
Zara yes, H&M not anymore.
At the beginning we wanted to start with a big stock of clothes (that’s why we took on almost everything).
Today we focuse on the more sustainable labels, as well as on a fair production setting.
Zara does not fulfill These Standards, but we still want to give their clothes a second chance (to at least match a Little more the thought of sustainability).
And Zara offers a vide spectrum of fashionable and modern kids clothes, which most People like to buy at our shop.

So, not just organic clothes, but rather lengthen the use of a piece?
Right. We would like to contribute our part to enlarge the lifetime of standard clothes. It’s at least something.

What happens to the clothes which you do not sell?
We donate most of it.
Currently we are testing an upcycling project, which we cannot tell more About at the Moment.

What are your Goals for the future? Where do you see your online shop in around two years?
We want to focuse on Kids- and Moms second hand Fashion.
To use synergies other online Shops and offline channels.
Next step this year is towards high-class toys, kids room decoration and accessaries.
”Human Center Design”- more precisely: Surveys, Feedbacks, to test a Prototyp, only like that we can enlargen and optimize our offers,

How to recycle clothes & minimize waste
Today over 40’000 tons of clothes are thrown away yearly. But why?
Pretty much everyones wardrobe is overloaded. Nowadays bigger clothing chains are cheaper than in the past, launching new Collections almost monthly (not only seasonaly).
And we are wealthy enough to afford new clothes (too often).

It’s not only just the waste which we are producing, it’s also about very low salaries which are paid to the workers (which mostly already live in very modest and poor circumstances.
Less is more! When we started with we decided on running through our closets and sort it out. From then on we try to keep the “Capsule Wardrobe” (it’s challenging still). We shop second Hand for our kids and for ourselves. And when we desire something new, we carefully think about it (write it down on a paper) and look where we could find the piece.

Think twice before buying something! Do you really need it now? Will it sparkle joy for a long time?
Could you replace it with something you already have in your closet?

Do you remember the feeling when you were little and you had to wait till you finally got the piece you were looking at in the clothing catalogue?