Roasting coffee at home made easy!

Where to find me when not with the baby? Probably drinking coffee somewhere or trying something new.

Past week we had two days off. Lee was with his grandparents. So I finally used that chance to follow the invitation from ROAST REBELS to roast my own coffee beans!
As you know me, I love coffee. And I also love to know the source of it. Last year I visited a coffee roastery (more about it here>> Visiting the roastery). It was absolutely fascination to see where the beans of my daily coffee get roasted. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans blows my mind every time again. It’s childhood memory because there used to be a micro roastery nearby my grandparents place.
So here we are, Friday afternoon on a perfect winter day.

Ingo from ROAST REBELS was awaiting me at KAFFEEWERKSTADT in Zurich (side note: one of my favourite shops for all kind of coffee supplies and coffee beans).
He proudly presented me his “baby”. A silver home roasting machine.
Ingo explained that through travelling he and his wife fell in love with coffee. And because they prefer to rather prepare and source a lot of their food themselves, they bought their first home roasting machine.
They learned how to roast the perfect bean by doing. Later Ingo made an education as professional coffee roaster.

Before having their first home roaster, they tried to roast the beans in a frying pan!

The selection of the green beans is essential. Ingo and his wife source their coffee beans from farms, which they mostly know personally. The farmers passionately care on the further manufacturing process of their gold. You can find the online shop right here: ROAST REBELS; GREEN BEANS!
More about one farmer family further down!

You actually don’t need any specific environment to start roasting your beans at home. Ingo mostly does roast his beans in the kitchen under the ventilator. It only takes around 10 minutes to get the beans roasted (and a little phase to cool them down).

Ingo showed me on how the roasting process works. I’m sure, that everyone could roast it’s own beans at home, it only needs a little bit of practice and passion.

Learning by doing is key!

The family of Patricia Builes leads the farm Hacienda Villa Clemencia for more than 45 years now. Their coffee knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation. The coffee farm is located in Risaralda, in the western part of Colombia on 1'650 meters above the sea. The ground is volcanic and clayey, that’s why it’s so nutritious.

The whole production has been modified to organic. This increased harvest and quality of the coffee. Also the ecosystem recovered. They made place on the farm for threatened plants such as the Colombian walnut / Cedro Negro, which affects the water supply to the farm, and also creates an ideal biodiversity for the coffee plants and the environment.
For the coffee beans the family gets twice as much money than the fair-trade price.