my purest summer essentials

It seems to be an endless summer in Switzerland, and I take it! The feeling of warm air on my skin is just something life giving.. My hair is lighter, almost blond, and this without a visit at the hairdresser. My freckles are back and my skin is slightly tanned, I am born for this! 

Summer brings ease. Slipping over a light dress and wearing sandals is my favourite part about it. No need for blowdrying my hair, the sun will do! 
And it's definitely not about things. Summer is a feeling, a way of life. blooming flowers, green meadows, fresh fruit and sun ripped tomatoes. A glass of wine on the porch, an open air concert, cycling to the lake and outdoor dinner. Not to be forgotten: twittering birds and colourful butterflies! 


By the beginning of summer I got myself some "essentials" - which I was already crazy about before summer officially started. I don't go shopping a lot and till I buy something it sometimes takes months till definitely buying. But the things I do get for myself I stick with and use to death. 


+ stay young: a very light and oh my word - seductively smelling facial oil (more about it further bellow)
+ turning 30: a very light pyjama (Calida) - I felt like finally getting a new one (I guess because I'm turning 30 and grown ups need a proper PJ, right?) 
+ I need shade: a straw hat
+ childhood memories: a scrunchie (Swiss made) from Townhouse Zurich (one of my all time favourite shops here)
+ suit up: 2 swimsuits (because we spend like 24/7 somewhere close to the water)
+ mumming: a pair of loafers & levis jeans
+ less is less: a short linen overall from Rylee & Cru
+ tidy & neat: picnic baskets (you can officially call us "the picnickers" & find us around 5:30pm picnic at the swimming pool)

All the above mentioned pieces were carefully selected by myself. And the one thing I want to write more detailed about is definitely the facial oil from bepure - natural vegan skincare
I stumbled above this Swiss start up company on Instagram. It reminded me so much of the oils I used when we lived in Los Angeles. Over there you can get all kind of organic oils in every organic store. A friend of mine introduced me to essential oils (not only as room refresher, but also to apply on my skin, for cooking / baking, massage and as nightly ritual for children). 

Quite a while ago already I stopped buying make up remover & shaving cream, I just did not want to spend money on "cheap" products, mostly I actually never used. Also: I hate, when there are tons of bottles in our bathroom cabinet. I love clean shelves! 

Oils are perfect, and so versatile. Coconut Oil for example: shaving cream, deodorant (make your own), oil pulling, make up remover, moisturiser - all in one! 

Often times I put lavender oil on our pillows, it's very calming. Tea tree oil is perfect against sunburnt, acne and other eczema. Lemon grass oil I put on our cloths and in our vacuum, for a nice odour. 

AND as nightly ritual I introduced my facial skin to the ROYAL NIGHT SERUM from bepure. This oil makes me feel like a real lady, softens and soothes my skin at night. From the first time on when applying I fell in love and honestly never ever want to apply anything else. It's super light, perfectly made for long summer days. After a day in the sun, all you want to apply on your skin is something light. The oils from bepure are simply made out of little ingredients. As base the small Swiss company uses purest organ oil. 80 % of the argan oil are unsaturated fatty acids. It contains a very high amount of antioxidants, to protect your skin against free radicals. It prevents from drying out, promotes skin tightening, equalisation and sleekness. 

Bepure is a matter of the heart! 
When both of the owners were travelling the land of the argan oil (Morocco), they were simply fascinated by the impact of the valuable natural resource and inspired to create and launch their own natural cosmetic line. One year later they found a production place, which met their requirements. 
Bepure is concerned about highest standards. But their goal is not only excellent quality bus also the social aspect. Krug and Isaac, the owner of Bepure, import their argan oil from a specialised family business. The ripe fruit gets reaped by berber women. The kernels get beaten out manually and cold pressed in the families own laboratory. 

What I love about the oil? 
The irresistible and refreshing odour. It's not greasy and instantly absorbs into my skin. I believe that it is the most perfect product for my skin! 
As mom often times I skip skincare to safe time. But this oil is like a tiny moment of wellness before going to bed at night, which I highly appreciate!