clean eating, back to the roots!

The first week of June I got to try the incredible "clean eating" program by LEANbyalex.
It was the very first week of the program. 

Let me tell you a bit about it:
It's a five day program, which will guide you to clean eating. Monday through Friday you get ready-to-eat food packages delivered right to your home / workspace (for now it's just for the city of Zurich> delivery by bike)
No preparing, no cooking, just enjoying high quality meals for five days! How does that sound in your ears? 
LEANbyalex is an alkaline program, which has been specially designed to reduce your body acidity. As the owner told me, it's not to be pigeonholed as a cleanse / detox program! 
It's definitely not! It's way more. 

I failed doing a cleanse / detox before Easter (read more about it here: DETOX).
Therefore I was not interested doing something like that again. Alex explained the program carefully (& convinced me trying it). Let me tell you: by Wednesday I did not want the program to end. 
LEANbyalex is a very helpful program showing you (again) what clean eating means! 
>> back to the roots and trust me, you will feel like a newborn again!! 
(one week of no sugar, additives, dairy, wheat, alcohol and reducing coffee to the minimum)

Here are some very convincing reasons why you should eat clean (click on the link below):  
Why Clean Eating?

The meals are wholesome, flavourful and filling, you will not go to bed feeling hungry. It's a plant based program (vegan), including a lot of nutritious grains and vegetables. Also the meals are versatile and especially the shakes in the morning and lunch bowls inspired me.
I felt the Los Angeles spirit in it! (Since Alex, the owner, got trained as a chef at one of the most renown schools in L.A. > check out PLANTLAB, the appearance of their website and also the experience I made the past week make me want to join the course aswell). 
LEANbyalex is an inspiration for your future cooking! The way she combines herbs, grains and vegetables are incredible. Also there's another dressing for the bowl every day. 

LEANbyalex is not a diet program, it's the starting-shot of your healthy attitude. After finishing the program, you will not want to eat jung anymore! 
It helps you get started living your best life (food wise). 

What does a package include?
+ 1 nutritious shake
+ 1 immune booster shot
+ 1 lunch bowl
+ 1 power treat
+ 1 cleansing soup
+ probiotic capsules
+ spirulina capsules
+ a range of recipes at the end of the week

+ guideline for healthy snacks
+ what's app group chat (to encourage each other)

my all in all experience
Since I already do eat healthy 99% of the time I was a bit sceptical at the beginning (as with all the other "diet* programs). Why would I pay that amount of money when I already eat vegetables and fruit? But I wanted a change, especially when it comes to snacking! Lot of times we tend to snack / eat because we are bored, we compensate with eating. I loved taking a break & learn how to eat mindfully again. The shakes and bowls were so nutritious and filling that I did not feel like having snacks in between. (ok I need to confess: it was hot outside and I snacked on watermelon with Lee, don't think that's too bad though). 
It was a very fulfilling and enjoyable week. As well as relieving since I did not have to prepare my meals (and little one loved the power treats and grains too). 

As many of you know, I love cooking & preparing meals so much. But especially because I spend so much time in our kitchen it was a very pleasant change (& it felt like a mini holiday at home). I had so much time doing other things I love (Lee was with my mother in law for 2 days). 
The meals are packed in eco friendly take away containers, so you can bring them everywhere (like to the swimming pool). 

I also tried going to bed earlier, and succeeded! I got spoilt with a magical facial oil (OH-EM-GEEE). I never thought that putting an oil on my face would be soothing this much. But believe me, ones you put it on, you never want to use something else before going to bed. And now it became my "go to bed" ritual. Thank you so much BEPURE for the divine oil. 

LEANbyalex is also a very nice present if you want to treat someone, they will enjoy! You'll surely feel the L.A. vibe in it! 

as a little teaser we would like to treat one of you with a set of five immune booster shots! All you gotta do is simply leave a comment bellow with your favourite spice!