Spring Detox, let's get rid of that winter dust!

It was the week before Easter and I was ready for some change! 
Detox! What a word. Terrifying on one side, easing on the other one. 
I remember my grandparents doing a fast for 14 days (!!) every year before the Easter Holiday. Already as a small child I was fascinated by their willpower. 

The timing seemed right because we stopped breastfeeding and like that I was "allowed" to get rid of some toxins.  Together with MONO I put together a one week detox-plan. Everything was planned well-conceived. Let's go! 

Start: 1 acclimatisation day (no caffeine)
3 days no solids (but smoothies)
Finish: another acclimatisation day (slowly getting back to solids)

All in all: No carbs, caffeine for five days. Vegetables and fruit were still allowed on day 1 and again on day 5. On day 2, 3 and 4 smoothies and ginger shots only!  Loads of tea and water! 

It sounded achievable to me! 

My goals: 
- focussing on other (more important) things than food
- go to bed early
- drink more water / tea (less coffee)
- eat more vegetables and less fruit
- clear my mind
- Spending less time in the kitchen (digging in the fridge) ;) 
- Use my time for reading (instead of cooking)
- use the phone less
- declutter my wardrobe (again)
- Feel less bloated after the detox  
- stretch more often
- save money

The goals I set were not only body wise, I also wanted to get rid of things in our apartment. 

Half way in on Tuesday (hello, how weak am I?) 
I realised that "no food" is not gonna work for me. I did not calculate the energy I use with my son, plus the lack of sleep (major thing). 
I also coincidentally stumbled upon an article about detox which helped me accept my "weakness". The article said that you don't actually need to detox your liver, your liver detoxes itself daily. And there's no "perfect" diet such as paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian.. It's more about being healthy in total, it's about taking care of your body, not starving yourselves.
Plus: A juice cleanse is like drinking pure sugar (at least not the bad sugar, but loads of sugar, no fibre, almost nothing). 
I'm linking the article right here>>> About Eating Right

Even though I failed with doing a fast, yes I confess. I took this week as a chance to ease my mind. To ease our days. Instead of clinging to the fact, that I am not in a place where I can or want to relinquish food, I focussed on the things I could do, such as: drink more water, go to bed early, put the phone away, prepare delicious smoothies (with the juices I got), eat more vegetables, stretch.. 

And by the way: the juices from MONO are super yum, and you can perfectly use them for porridges and smoothies! And I love the apple cider- cayenne pepper shot in the morning. It became my ritual and believe me it helps getting your guts going! 

Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t. Small steps turn into miles!

A juice detox is nothing for me! I could definitely do a vegetable or smoothie detox. It was pretty easy to reduce coffee and forgo dairy and wheat. But being a mom needs energy. If it was only me, which could hang around all day then that would be a complete different starting position. It's actually really fun doing challenges like that. Bellow there's a yummy recipe for a juice based porridge. enjoy spring and never stand still (but don't stress out). 

millet beetroot porridge
serving size: 4

+ 1 cup millet
+ 1/2 cup walnuts
+ 4 dates (soaked in water for around an hour)
+ 1/4 cup beetroot juice
+ 1/4 cup almond milk
+ pinch of salt
+ 1 small beet (I used a cooked one, but raw ones work too)

Mango, Kiwi etc. 
Coconut Yoghurt

start by soaking the millet groats and walnuts in water (use separate jars). Soak them for at least an hour (best would be overnight). Rinse and dry. Place all ingredients into your food processor and blend until smooth. You can also use an immersion blender. 

Top with cut fruits, berries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, coconut yogurt or whatever you have at home.