Visiting the roastery of ViCafe, where real people roast real coffee!

7am. Lucky me, little one is still asleep. So I get to enjoy that black gold in my cup all by myself :)
Coffee is one of my morning rituals. Right after brushing my teeth, a glas of water and some yoga flows. Yep I love coffee, ever since. As a little girl I refused the hot chocolate, my mom replaced it with cereal based coffee (no caffeine, obviously). I love "rituals" and a daily morning routine. It keeps life in order (as much as possible with a little one). 

My husband and I decided in December to finally get ourselves a proper coffee machine and a good grinder (which we got from KaffeeWerkStadt Zürich). 
Bean wise we are using the houseblend from ViCafé - so far it's just the best value for money!
Surely you could get much cheaper beans from a grocery store, but since my visit at their roastery in Eglisau it's definitely worth it! And how amazing is it that you can visit the place where your daily beans get roasted?!  
Thank you for having me ViCafé
The roastmaster Ruben welcomed us with a cup of coffee and gave us a profound look into their business and the roast process. Even though it was just himself roasting tons of beans (I WAS IMPRESSED) he took his time to explain everything. Before heading to the roastery I imagined something bigger! Arriving we were surprised that it's A: in the old train station building and B: there was only one roaster and one guy packing the roasted beans (every coffee bag is hand packed). 

A few things I wanted to know:
The difference between the cheaper beans at the store & ViCafé beans? 
One roast process at ViCafé takes around 15-20 minutes, while bigger companies roast within 2 minutes (so they surely roast more beans within a day). BUT: They actually "burn" the beans, while ViCafé does a slow roasting process to not damage the precious flavours inside the beans.

The values of ViCafé?
We are all about quality! And believe that it's our strength that we know the farmers personally. I just recently went to Guatemala and visited one of the farms where we get coffee beans from. The effort they put in is incredible. Every single bean gets controlled by hand (!) - real people at work, no machines! 
We are seeking to set up long term contractions with the farmers. So they are actually more secure with their income and can invest into their farms, which leads to an overall better output. 
We have not visited all of our farms yet, but aspiring to do so. 

How many KG are you roasting a day?
Around 160kg / day! 

Within what time do you roast the green beans
We roast them 2-3 month after receiving the delivery.

How should I correctly store the beans at home? 
Dry, cold and in a dark place. 
Also, rather don't freeze the beans, because they might get wet when thawing. Or if you really want to, freeze the beans in small batches. 

What I ones learned is: Don't store the coffee beans NEXT to the fridge. You might think it's cooler there than in other parts of the kitchen, but it's actually the other way around. 
And also don't store them IN your fridge. 

Within what time should I use my opened package up? 
The sooner, the better. Coffee beans will not go bad, but will loose quality.
Also, don't grind the beans too far in advance, the best would be to grind them right before using. 

Your hints and tips for the ones who don't have an espresso machine? 
V60 drip coffee!! Seriously, it takes 5 minutes to prepare and tastes exquisite! If possible use light roasted coffee beans. Tip: Ask a barista / roaster about the recipe (amount of coffee/water and brew time). 

The story of coffee:
No-one knows exactly how or when coffee was discovered, there are only legends about it's origin. One of them says that a goat herder from Kaffa (Ethiopia), named Kaldi, noticed that his goats were behaving very strangely that day. They had begun to jump around in an excited manner. He found that the source of it was a was a small shrub with bright red berries. Curiosity took hold and he tried the berries himself. And like the goats Kaldi felt the energizing effects of the cherries.. (read the whole story right here)

A huge THANK YOU to PHOTOGRAPHY BERGER who joined me to the roastery. 
And Züger Fotografie who captured me at home. 

We are giving away three different coffee beans to one of you! 
Simply comment the post bellow and tell me the name of the roast master! :) We'll pick one of you! Good luck!