be my Valentine!

First of all, this is not a cotton candy, pink- everything is fine ish post. It's more a post on how to appreciate one another. Life's a learning field, and I'm in the middle of it. Still settling into motherhood, trying to find my role and how to be a good wife and mom at the same time. Not too easy (for me). Balance - where art thou? 

It's that day again. hm. What should I say? I'm not quite sure whether I want to get flowers or I don't want them right now.. (one of my friends told me it's too cheesy to get his wife flowers right before V day) ;) 
I mean yes, I love flowers. I think on every day expect on Valentines Day. Why? Because I don't want my husband to buy over priced ones, just because it's Valentines Day - too kind of me, I know. 
But: he's surely allowed to do the dishes, vacuum the floor or put the baby to bed! ;) 
OR: he could use my code (MZP15) and get 15.- on his first flower order from TOM FLOWERS

My feelings were a little different three years ago, while living in Los Angeles.
E V E R Y O N E wants to get flowers etc. and I think my husband did go with the flow. And he almost got into a gunfire on his way to get flowers ;) HOW BRAVE!
I can surely remember that day. Is it not about making memories when building life together? And since being parents it's about growing stronger and finding out how to manage our new lives. And then, out of a sudden he brings me flowers. Just to say "thank you for doing our laundry". And that was not on Valentines Day! 
When my husband does not get me flowers (which actually happens pretty often), then he spoils me with jewels (YES). All of my pieces which I kept are mementos.
Sure, I still get myself flowers and actually just got myself a pair of earrings (which I was flirting with a while) from Titlee Paris - I never liked playing princess. When I see something, I get it. I found my new earrings on We love you love - go and scroll through their shop and treat o'self too!! I by the way know, that my husband will get me something somewhen again. Wanna know my insider tip? Trust and don't put too much pressure on your spouse ;) But I'm still practicing too.. 

My husband and I love going to the movies when having a night off from parenthood ;) and I'm just remembering sitting in our favourite restaurant sipping on that sweet French desert (Muscat) wine and savoring a few nibbles. To be honest, yes, sometimes I miss being spontaneous and just going for a late evening walk with him. 

My husband recently told me after dinner: "thank you for your time".
That hit me. Wow- we live in a season where we thank our spouse for having dinner at home together :( Should it not be the most ordinary thing to enjoy a meal together? Please let's slow down and forget about all the things we C O U L D do while sitting across from our beloved ones. We will never be able to get everything done, not even close! 
My son is teaching me a lot. He is the reason I sit on the floor and do nothing but watch him play. I constantly have to force myself to put my phone away, because it's worth it. 

I'm closing my Valentines Post with a quote, which sums it all up. Let's start at home and then spread authentic love. 

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do.. but how much love we put in that action
— Mother Teresa

Pictures out of our session with Chris Züger (aka story teller)!!