The big move

So we moved. Again. Friends are already making fun, and it’s probably legit ;)

David and I already lived in 6 places together within the past 5 years. Means: we moved 6 times our household. 1 time with a newborn and 1 time with a toddler (thanks to my parents who overtook our power loaded boy for two days).

Fact: We moved from a 100 m2 apartment to a smaller one of 70m2 and now to an even smaller 3 bedroom apartment of maximum 60m2. People call us crazy, we can live with it. Every doubter is warmly welcomed to visit us in our beautiful fully renovated old building apartment in the heart of bustling Zurich. The hardwood floors and high ceilings will definitely show you why we did the move again. >>> a few first impressions of our dream apartment bellow.

David and I both actually hate moving. We hate packing up boxes and we are not good at it.
(read bellow on how to be prepared for a big move - Interview with The owner from HERMES movers)

Also he works crazy hours these weeks and we did not want to bother our friends with our moving history, we decided on getting help from professional movers and cleaners.
Side note: booking a moving company is like a declaration of love to your friends.

And let me tell you: It was worth every penny. One of the best investment ever!
(my slogan: realise that you can’t do everything yourselves and ask/book help - even though it feels weird at the beginning).

So I googled: Umzugsservice Zürich! and the first company who showed up was:
HERMES Movers - I asked for an offer and within a few hours they called me back. One day later Jimmy, the company owner had a look at our apartment and with that it was a done deal.
We booked the smallest package which was 2 helpers for 3 hours (CHF 450.-) //
David and I both helped a little bit (we packed up and carried the lighter things). But these guys were absolutely amazing, super friendly and very attentive. All of our things were moved within the booked amount of time, stored in our basement, attic and in our apartment.

Also we booked their cleaning arrangement. Because there are definitely things I am better at than cleaning a whole household ;)


Tips from Jimmy, Founder and Owner of Hermes Movers:

Prepare early! Start with getting offers from different moving companies. Not always is the cheapest company the best option. Because some offer very low prices (calculate only a minimum amount of time) and will charge you for extra hours.
Rule of thumb: For a 3 room apartment the company should calculate at least 30 cubic meter (for the camion). Also you should make sure that the final price you get already includes the Mwst.
You can also arrange a flat fee (as we did i.e. only book the company for a certain amount of hours). Otherwise they’ll charge you the effective costs (hours).

Helpful are checklists for the preparation before the move. Start packing up as early as possible. Clean out your basement and attic, surely there are things which you will never use again!
Keep in mind: Pack systematically! (you will have to unpack the boxes soon again)

Chalk up your boxes! This makes it way easier when it comes to unpacking (you don’t want to find your plates in the basement)
Either write the room on the box or use the colour system, for example:
green = living room (put a green sign on the living room door).
Pack pretty much everything in a box or a big bag (maximum: 20kg)

Happy moving!
(I’m done for now, but surely will book HERMES Movers for the spring window cleaning)

And here some first impressions. More detailed ones to follow.