Our new home

we moved, ones again.. 
this time, we had to - no other option! The day I got discharged from the hospital with our newborn we received the letter of resignation for our old apartment. dang! (due to reconstruction work).. yay - moving with a newborn was exactly what I was wishing for. but, we made it - I survived (barely). But: moving is always a chance to let go of things, to reorganise, to sell stuff and buy new things ;) we downgraded from a huge apartment to a tinier one. challenge accepted! 

we used to an even tinier apartment in Los Angeles and since then no apartment in Switzerland feels small anymore. and I think it's not about the size, it's more of what you make out of it. even the biggest apartment can feel cold and uninviting. Smaller rooms are more challenging to furnish, at least for me, since I embrace a minimalistic lifestyle. At the moment I even sometimes feel like we already own too many things again.. 

After our trip to Los Angeles it will surely be fall. Even more important having some niches in your space where you can cuddle up in a blanket, drink tea and read a book. One of my favourite places is our daybed (designed by my husband). We started collection cushions. 

The red cushion for example is the masterpiece of TAUTA-HOME - it's ah 100% handmade from three different Colombian tribes at the boarder to Venezuela. those tribes are very poor with only a little bit of Spanish skills. TAUTA-HOME puts in a lot of effort designing and getting the cushions produced, caring much about fair trade standards. There's a story behind every beautifully made cushion. And we should really start caring more about what we buy. I started just owning things in which my heart delights. 
Such as handmade fabrics or ceramics >> I'm a real sucker for kitchen ware ;) 

we got our butterfly chair from RAUM 49, my favourite interior design store (it's a hidden gem). We used to live close by and my husband and I just loved going for a walk and looking at their window! Their shop itself is very inspiring to me. 
another masterpiece, which I dreamed of longtime is the letter board by funkk.eu (ordered via Stadtlandkind)

One of my favourite spaces in the whole apartment? Our kitchen. It's always the first room which I organise and then re-organise again every other week ;) It's probably the space where I spend the most of my time when not being with the baby. 

we're still looking for the perfect lighting. we take recommendations!