merry and bright

happy new year you guys! I already wanted to upload the post a bit earlier, but: MOMLIFE! 

we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas feast and New Years Eve in best company. First time as a family of t h r e e! 
I was a little emotional on the 30. of December since I did not want 2017 to end. It was the most life changing year ever. but: here's to an even greater 2018- the best is yet to come (even if I don't really know how it could get even better). 

Four years ago my husband and I started with a xmas brunch on the 26. of December.
This year we were only able to invite a smaller amount of people since we still have a roommate (who is moving out by the end of January) & we had to move to a smaller apartment in June. Nevertheless it was marvellous and I enjoyed. For the first time I had a wrong time in mind and thought the guests would start showing up by 11am instead of 10:30am. Glad my husband gave me a hand and: they got to kill the waiting time with the most delicious C O F F E E. 
My husband and I don't make each other any Christmas presents, but instead we bought a proper espresso machine this year. I love it so so much (check it out: Elba2)! It took a few shots to adjust the grinder, but I think now it's running pretty good! Let me know if you wanna come over and enjoy a cup with me!  (at the moment I'm pretty happy with the home blend from ViCafe
Thanks to their barista who gave me some very helpful tips! And also thank you to KaffeeWerkStadt who helped me finding an appropriate grinder and counselled me with the gear. It's fun doing coffee at home! 

Wishing you the most amazing start into the new year! 
don't forget to: be H A P P Y, it drives people crazy! :)

beautiful moments captured by PhotographyBerger