braids for days (literally)

no doubt, boxer braids are a major hair trend this season. boxer braids were born on the ring but this style works even for evenings out and romantic dates. Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and even Snoop Dog have been rocking them.. and now it's me! ;) I definitely could get used to get my hair done. It's maybe the most adaptable hairstyle, I did wear them for a concert and kept them for my day at work and the workout session after. they survived a night in bed - amazing!!

I got'em at the FLECHTWERKSTATT from mad HAIRSTYLING  - they offer an amazing service: 
choose whatever braid you like to get (for me it was the boxer braid). You pay CHF 20.- / 15 minutes. That was enough for my hairstyle. If you prefer something more difficult, which would take a little longer, there's an extra charge CHF 5.- / 5 minutes. the girl who did mine was super cute, offered a drink & explained the whole service. I'm surely gonna use it again, for a wedding, birthday party, or just for a normal workday! let's doll up girls!! 

wearing: dress from Benetton, Adidas originals (Samoa), Sunday Somewhere sunglasses
Adidas workout shirt
pictures by Rahel W. from Photography Berger