O Tannenbaum - a dream came true..

there are a couple of things which I got to enjoy for the first time this year. And it feels like a billion presents.. 
I did fall pregnant for the first time (and that's probably the hugest present I've ever got), I did make a wreath (applause applause) and oh dear, I did get something delivered.
scroll down baby, scroll down.. 

ever since moving out of my parents place (almost ten years ago) I've never had a Christmas tree at my home. and now finally, a dream came true.. 
DING DONG, and there it was - right in front our door. how convenient! 

and there was a second dream I had.. Ornaments from Johann Wanner himself. Since I have close relatives living in Basel and I remember the night many years ago, when my uncle found a set of Wanner ornaments on a trash bin in the city. And now I finally got my first set too. 
I guess that I will treat myself one piece / set of those wonderfully handcrafted ornaments from now on every season. 

"hanging ornaments on a tree should be a celebration" - J. Wanner

recipe for the vitamin bomb smoothie right here> 
protein rich orange-papaya smoothie

snapped by my wonderful sister. <3

much love  xxxx
(and please do me a favour: enjoy the last days before Christmas, soon it will be over already)


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