celebrating the season

begins in our hearts and seeks expression in acts of kindness. 

every year the seasonal change from summer to fall and to winter enchants me. I'm completely in love with the fresh air, the colourful leaves, the breeze, the foggy mornings. It's mystic and marvellous to me. And I sometimes feel like being in a fairytale. 
Even when I completely love summer, there's too much amazement about the change, that I would fall into a depression because of the weather change. 

I mean, come on, the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts on the streets? Vanilla, cinnamon and all kind of other scents in your kitchen. Chai tea lattes. Movie nights (at home or at the theatre). Books and book stores. Strolling through the colourful woods. Watching the nature change...

And in the evenings, when it's already dark outside you can guilt free stay in and drink tea. It's chai tea season, which is another good thing about the change. It simply tastes amazing, especially with milk and honey. I just experienced the amazing Harmony Chai from Teatox. I got a wonderful milk foamer from Bodum and a new travel mug for the go (keep cup), the simple and minimalistic design convinced me.. and as finisher for my tea I use a coffee spice blend as topping. 

Every year again, I bring out my favourite christmas book: "Weihnachten in der Schweiz" (Christmas in Switzerland). I gave it away when we moved to Los Angeles. But fortunate enough, I just found it again in the Zürcher Brockenhaus. Yay :) 
And another thing which I can't await already: to watch "the family stone" and "the holiday"- two of my favourite seasonal movies.. 

To be able to fully enjoy all the wonderful parts of the season I make sure to get ready before everyone else does ;) so I already ordered a couple of gifts for my beloved ones.. 

> > > a white Sigg bottle - I especially like the minimal and simple design. and it's Swiss made! 
Some chocolate covered almonds from Pakka and some roasted cashews for whoever will invite us to a feast :) 
My sweet little godchild placed a wish: an English book. So I got her a preschool English book. 
And for another friend we got
As you can see, I already got a lot together.. and I do recommend to preorder gifts to not end up in a rush on the 24th of December. I like to order mine on siroop.ch. They offer free shipping on all orders so you can spend more money on presents :)

I hope you get to enjoy that wonderful time as much as I do. I try to soak up all the glittery sparkles and romance in the air. Every year this part feels like being a child again. waiting with pleasant anticipation for the Christmas festivities. But ones getting older it's more the season before you try to enjoy with excitement. Who does not want to be a child again sometimes? 

P.S. I even already put a gift for one of my readers together. More about that in my next post in December.. I'll keep you in the loop.  

much love, 


thanks to my photographer and friend: Rachel W. (Photography Berger)