thai bean salad

I think either you love or hate them.
But one thing you have to keep in mind: those guys are super healthy!
Sometimes you got to “force” yourselves a little bit to eat vegetables.
It’s all about routine and habits and variety.
What I realised is that when I make it my daily routine to eat enough vegetables I don’t want to miss it out the next day. Also vegetables are more attractive to me when I prepare them slightly different each time. I am a person who embraces changes (& needs a little variety).

So here’s a recipe for a green bean salad and you can always add more spices to it. To my salad version I added some salted peanuts from Pakka.

Thai Bohnen Salat
(2 Portionen)

- 250g green beans
- 1 Mango (rather unripe/to green)
- 80 g peanuts (or cashews if allergic)
- 1 corn on the cob
- 100 g kale
- 1/2 lemon (juice and zest)
- 1 EL sesame oil
- Chilisalt & pepper

Wash the beans and cut off the ends. Cover the beans in water for a little while (to prevent bloating). Cook the beans 4-5 minutes that they’re still firm to the bite.
Meanwhile you can peal the mango and chop it into thin stripes.
Preheat some oil and fry the corn on the cob. When you can easily solve the kernels from the cob, then it’s well-done.
Wash the kale and chop it finely.
Mix the kale together with the lemon juice and oil. Now thoroughly massage the liquid into the kale (makes it less tenacious).
Add the rest of the ingredients and round it up with salt, pepper and lemon zest.