Eggplant-Tomato Salad w/ vegan paneer dressing and loads of herbs!

For me eggplants and herbs are the epitome of summer. I know we can actually get everything during winter time. But the taste of a sun ripped tomato does make the difference.
As well as that most of the vegetables are Swiss ones now. I like.

Combining different flavours makes it even better. Be brave, try various combinations. Since I like a lot of herbs, I mostly use more than one. Adding fruit and nuts to your salad does top it off.

Instead of Mayo I used vegan paneer for a creamy dressing.

(serving size: 2)

+ 1 eggplant
+ 3 yellow tomatoes
+ 1-2 nectarines / peaches
+ 1 table spoon olive oil
+ 50 g cashew nuts
+ basil leaves, parsley & mint
+ salt & pepper

+ 100g paneer (vegan if desired)
+ 100ml plant based milk (I mostly use oat milk)
+ 50ml water
+ 2 table spoons olive oil
+ 1 garlic clove
+ 1 table spoon lemon juice
+ 2 table spoons white sesame seeds
+ salt & pepper

(Serving Size: 2)
Preheat the oven on 200 degrees. 
cut the eggplant & nectarines into slim slices, drizzle the olive oil over it and season with salt and pepper (& rosemary if you like). Roast for around 30 minutes till tender. 
Meanwhile prepare the dressing. Place the paneer (tofu works too) and the other ingredients in your food processor (an immersion blender is fine too) and blend till it has a smooth consistency. 
You could also add fresh basil to your dressing. 
Slice the tomatoes and serve with loads of fresh herbs and the dressing.