Mocha smoothie bowl

Oh my dear coffee, how much I need you at the moment! 

But since I try to get myself ready while my husband is still at home, there's sometimes no time to prepare a cup of coffee. So here's my solution for a 2 in 1 breakfast and coffee meal. I did just throw my portion of caffeine inside my smoothie bowl. The best thing about it? You can easily prepare it the night before and freeze it. It's done in 10 minutes and tastes super super delicious! 


Mocha breakfast smoothie bowl
+ 1 frozen banana
+ 2 table spoons oats
+ 2-3 table spoons coconut milk
+ 1 table spoon cocoa powder (unsweetened)
+ 1-2 tea spoon coffee beans (depending on how much caffeine you like / need)
+ 1 table spoon almond butter (unsweetened > I'm a complete fan of the butter from nu3)

blend everything till smooth and creamy!
in case it's too liquid and you'd like to eat it right away> you can freeze it for 10 minutes. 
if you prefer to eat it another time freeze the smoothie in a bowl without the topping. 

+ raspberries
+ granola of your choice

mash the raspberries with a fork. top the smoothie with the raspberries and granola of your choice.