blueberry breakfast smoothie

Bee pollen are renown as superfood. And also as wonderful natural remedy for allergies. Ok here's the thing: I am pretty allergic to all the pollen flying around from beginning of spring till the end of summer. It's not the same every year, sometimes I do react more and sometimes less.. 
So as I read bee pollen should help. As well as it should be comforting during pregnancy (strengthen your immune system).
So I tried (already last year), because I'm still hoping to get rid of the pills against the allergies (because they do make me feel super dizzy and tired). 
well, the smoothie I prepared was luckily without the pollen and I did just sprinkle some on top. Because I reacted even more allergic to the bee pollen than to the pollen flying around outside ;) 
It took like 30' till I felt super weak and I got a weird feeling in my tummy.. (that was already the second time reacting like that). I did not feel well at all. So please be careful in case you're allergic (try with a small amount). But if not, hey then bee pollen are full of vitamins and beneficial benefits for your health: 

+ energy enhancer
+ skin soother
+ respiratory system
+ treating allergies
+ digestive system
+ immune system booster
+ supports cardiovascular system
+ prostate aid
+ infertility problems

to get rid of your allergies you need to eat 1 table spoon bee pollen 3 times / day. 

blueberry breakfast smoothie
+ 1/2 cup yogurt
+ 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
+ 1 kiwi
+ 1/2 banana
+ 1 table spoon oats
+ 1/4 cup frozen spinach
+ a little bit of water
+ bee pollen for topping

blend till smooth. enjoy and top with bee pollen.