matcha chia bowl

this recipe is maybe not too much of a kids friendly one, since it contains matcha. and, matcha has caffeine because it is a type of green tea. In contrast to coffee, the caffeine in matcha takes up to six hours to be absorbed, so matcha drinkers remain mildly energized for a few hours before the effects gradually fade. The caffeine molecules found in coffee tend to go directly into the bloodstream. Because the caffeine in coffee is absorbed so quickly, it tends to cause a sudden jolt of energy that is followed by a crash in an hour or two.

I think matcha is something you either love (like I do) or you hate it (maybe because of it's bitter taste). Proper matcha does not require any sugar and to me all the Starbucks kind of matcha lattes are a shame, because it has actually really nothing to do with matcha. I fell in love with matcha on my first trip to Tokyo in 2014, while visiting my brother and sister in law. There's so much hidden beauty in the Japanese culture. I'm amazed by all the differences. and Japan has definitely more to offer than sushi and sake. 

Mostly you can find matcha in our kitchen. And lucky me, I can actually always place an order with my sister in law. This time I though used the one from Iswari Suisse and the amazing almond milk from MONO

Best thing about chia pudding is that you can prepare it in big plain batches and then adapt it to your desire in the morning. My baby usually gets up pretty early in the morning, so there's not a lot of time for breakfast preparation. 

Matcha Chia Bowl
(makes around 2 servings)

- 1/4 cup chia seeds
- 1,5 cups liquid (I mostly do half plant based milk and half water)
- juice of 1/2 lemon or orange (whatever you prefer: tart or sweet)
combine all the ingredients. Stir well. Place it in an airtight container and store it in your fridge (ideal would be over night). 

- 1,5 tea spoons matcha powder
- 1-2 tea spoons honey or maple syrup (optional)
- 1-2 tea spoons coconut yogurt (optional)
- 1-2 tea spoons almond butter (topping)
- hemp seeds, nuts, dried berries, granola, fruit for the topping (whatever you like)

In the morning you only have to adapt the base to your morning taste. I loved the almond butter as topping, it made it so creamy. The variation with the orange slices was pretty much one of my favourites so far. I actually saved the orange juice while cutting the oranges and added it to my bowl.