pumpkin bread

Recently I very quickly posted my home made pumpkin bread in an Instagram story. Crying baby in the background. I then got asked for the recipe, so I decided on adapting my post schedule a bit and putting the recipe together. not too easy, since it's more of a rule of thumb kinda recipe ;) I'm following a basic recipe, actually the one on the back of the spelt flour packaging ;) It's just fun trying and "playing" new variations. so here it is. the one for the very seasonal pumpkin bread recipe. ah and since it's an impromptu blog post, there are not too many good pictures. but hey, did you not ask for the recipe and not for pictures? ;) 
wishing you a wonderful Sunday. I hope you get to enjoy an unforgettable day in October. 

be loved. M. 

Pumpkin Bread (1 loaf)
+ 500g spelt flour
+ 1/4 cup flaxseeds
+ 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
+ 5-6 dl cold (plant based) milk - I mostly use oat milk (since I like the slightly sweet taste)
+ 1 package dry yeast
+ 1 ts salt
+ 20g yoghurt (substitute with almond yoghurt if vegan)
+ 1 ts oil or butter (I use whatever I have at home, this time it was butter, last time coconut oil)
+ 1 cup pumpkin puree
+ 1/4 cup toasted pumpkin seeds (add half of it to the dough and use the other part for the topping)

Add all the ingredients to your kneading machine (or use hands ;)). Gladly I got a kitchen aid at home! Now work work work (or let the machine do the job). The secret tip of a good bread, I ones read, is kneading! I turn on the kitchen aid and let it knead for like 5-10 minutes. Always depending whatever other things I have to do ;) 
Now let the dough raise for around 30' (or longer). Form to a loaf and bake for 35 minutes (on 220-230°). Et voilà! 

and some breakfast toasts. (ricotta and honey / peanut butter).