light vegetarian carbonara

who does not like spaghetti carbonara? 
well, to be honest - I would actually like it, but not with having in mind that it's loaded with heavy cream and tons of cheese. So I tried to make a lighter version of it. and it was delicious.. 

Recipe (2 servings)
+ 250 g noddles of your choice (I used noddles made out of beans from Edamama)
+ 1 tablespoon olive oil
+ leek (as much as you like)
+ 1 garlic clove
+ 2-3 table spoons plain yoghurt
+ 1 table spoon cream cheese
+ 1 table spoon milk of your choice (ironically I used almond milk) ;) 
+ 1 egg
+ salt and pepper
+ grated parmesan / emmentaler or gruyère cheese

cook the noodles as directed. 

In another pan heat the olive oil. Toss the leek and garlic into the heated frying pan. stir for 3-4 minutes. Now you add the cooked noodles, yoghurt, cream cheese and the milk. Stir well till combined. Add the egg and mix everything. Turn down the heat, the egg will scramble anyways.. Season with salt and pepper and serve with grated cheese on top! Enjoy :)