my coach - summer minestrone, vegan basil pesto & the review!

finally I got to tell you a little bit more about the "my coach" week. I got to try that amazing diet program from Freunde am Kochen. I enjoyed following a menu plan, it made my life easier! The main goal of their program is to provide healthy recipes for busy people. Within 20 minutes (maximum) your dish is ready. And another great thing about the coach is: cook ones, eat (at least) twice. Sounds boring? nope - not at all. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to eat dry millet (i.e.) the whole week. There are so many ways to use it. And their menu card will provide you with the needed ideas. You can easily adapt the recipes. Since I don't do dairy & meat I just exchanged. If you are a creative mind as I am, no worries - the plan leaves enough space for your own creativities. I'd appreciate to have a plan more often, since I ones in a while get a little lost & overwhelmed by all the great recipes you can find on the internet. 
The box contains a whole lot of interesting information. For example how to exchange butter in your diet, how to eat right on the go, healthy snacks, how to eat right and what to put on your plate.. 
by the way, a perfect snack for in-between could be one of the Freunde am Kochen smoothies
the pink panther is pretty much my favourite one, since I love raspberries.. you can either order online or get them at Alnatura

Summer Minestrone with vegan pesto

+ 1 table spoon oil (I used pumpkin seed oil from Jucker Farm)
+ 1 onion
+ 1 small carrot
+ 1/5 yellow zucchini
+ 1/5 green zucchini
+ 1 cup sweat peas
+ 1/4 broccoli
+ 1 cup green beans (cut in half)
+ 2 cups broth (or make your own: I just mixed water, 1 tea spoon finest herbal salt together)
+ herbs as topping (fresh basil, sage, parsley, cilantro..)
+ chili (to serve)

heat the oil, add the on sliced onion and roast for a few seconds. Then add all the vegetables and lightly braise. After a little bit just add the broth and let it boil for around 10'. Serve with fresh herbs, chill and pesto! 

+ 1 bundle fresh basil
+ 1/2 cup (less / more) oil (I used olive oil for the mass & pumpkin seed oil to serve)
+ in this version I used half of a Veganella from Soyana, it's a vegan mozarella, but you can always just use regular cheese (parmesan) 
+ salt & pepper
+ 1/4 cup cashews

put all the ingredients, beside the cashews into your blender and blend till very smooth. At last you add the cashews, since you don't want them to be completely pureed. So just blend for a few seconds.. 

according to the wikipedia definition for minestrone, there's no actual recipe! you can basically just use whatever vegetables are in season! BUON APPETITO.