my coach, day 5 - millet porridge & easy salad for the road

hello hello. I just got back from Bern. I spent a wonderful sunny day with amazing friends in that cute little city. 
Since I prepared a blueberry smoothie bowl the other day and I still had some leftover I decided on preparing overnight oats for todays breakfast. So I just used the liquid of the smoothie bowl and added other ingredients to it. 

Before having breakfast I went to the farmers market on Helvetiaplatz to get some fresh fruit. Come on - is there anything better? And I even found an amazing deal for fresh herbs (which I could not find the day before) ;) In the past month I already tried to spice up my dishes more with fresh herbs than herbal salt. Since we generally eat to much salt already. I found a "salt" without salt from Mr. & Ms. Bio. It's a mixture of a dried herb variety.

over night oats
+ 4 table spoons Oats
+ 2 table spoons flax seeds
+ 1 table spoons berries of your choice (goji i.e.)
+ 1 cup dairy free milk (I switch between coconut, almond and oat milk)

put all the ingredients in a container and let it soak over night. Decor with fresh fruit and nuts in the morning. 

After my delicious breakfast I had some errands to be done. I prepared lunch for my train ride. Simply used the beetroot salad leftovers from the day before, just added some chickpeas (proteins, because they keep you satisfied for a longer time), cucumbers, baked tomatoes (this time with sage), zucchini, carrots and herbs. (basically everything I found in our fridge) ;)
and oh an amazing find I made this week: an all organic unsweetened herbal tea from Ohnly (live healthy). YUM. The whole preparation today took me less than 20 minutes. Thanks to the my coach program. 

With my friends I went to Einstein au garden - probably one of the most wonderful places to enjoy a drink, dessert, coffee, some tapas in Bern. It's right on the Münsterplattform, where you get to enjoy an amazing view. super friendly service and very reasonable prices.