pan fried polenta + mushroom ragu

so now there's fall in the air. and I like the change. maybe because of the fact, that I got to spend two weeks in Greece before completely diving into the fall/winter season. I really am a summer child. but since living in Los Angeles I know that season changes are a wonderful thing.. the smell of chestnut in the air, the colourful leaves and... mushrooms :) before heading to Greece I want to share my "let's celebrate the beginning of fall" recipe! there's beauty in every thing, it's all about perspective... 

+ 1 cup polenta
+ peri peri seasoning (1-2 tea spoons)
+ 1/2 vegan mozzarella (I used Veganella)
+ 1 table spoon oil for frying

cook polenta as described on the package, spice up with your favourite seasoning (one of mine at the moment: peri peri from spicelab), add as much vegan mozzarella (or you can surely just use regular one) as you like. ones the polenta is done, let it sit for a little while. Fry in a pan with an oil of your choice. 

mushroom ragu
+ garlic oil (I used a garlic oil from spicelab)
+ 1 onion (cut in rings)
+ 3 tomatoes (cut in tiny cubes)
+ 4-5 mushrooms (cut in slices)
+ 1 tea spoon mushroom seasoning (I used the one from spicelab)
+ 2 table spoons tomato paste
+ 2 table spoons dairy free milk
+ 1 teaspoon potato starch
+ parsley
+ arugula

heat the oil in a pan, add the onions and then after around a minute add the other vegetables and stir fry for a while. after another minute add the seasoning, tomato paste, and dairy free milk and let cook till everything is soft, add the potato starch. 

serve with the fried polenta, arugula and parsley. 

+ you shouldn't wash mushrooms, actually you should finely brush them. heavy dirty ones you can shortly rinse off. soaking mushrooms in water will lead to flavour loss. 
+ mushrooms hardly contain fat and carbs. but on the other hand lots of mineral nutrients and trace elements. They contain vitamin D, which is especially needed during winter month. Since the sun is needed to build vitamin D. 

by the way: you can get the amazing spice lab spices in the brand new restaurant "Smith and the Luma". The guys from the wine company "Smith and Smith" are now collaborating with "Luma Delikatessen"