my coach, day 4 - roasted tomato bean pasta

Buona sera amici! mmmmh, I guess - today's dinner is one of my highlights. after a long & intense day at work, a lovely evening walk with my friend, I finally got back home and prepared late night dinner - Italian style. Not just because of the late hour. Very happy about the fact that I already got all the needed ingredients in my fridge and an easy recipe to follow. here we go. 

Pasta with roasted tomatoes
(2 servings )
+ 500 g tomatoes
+ fresh basil
+ 2 tablespoons olive oil
+ salt & pepper (chili)
+ noodles of your choice (I used gluten free ones from Edamama Pasta)
+ Mozzarella / Feta, I used Veganella (vegan Mozzarella from Soyana)

Preheat the oven (200°). Cook pasta as described. Put the cut tomatoes on a baking tray, sprinkle herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil over it and bake for about 15'. 
Put the pasta on a plate, top with fresh basil, vegan cheese and chilli if you like. BUON APPETITO!

Beet-cucumber salad with herbs
(2 servings)

+ 3 table spoons white balsamic vinegar
+ salt & pepper
+ 1 table spoon liquid honey
+ dried herbs (I used a salt free mix from Mr. & Ms. Bio)

Cut two bulbs of cooked beets and half of a cucumber in slices, pour the dressing over it and serve with cress. 

some tips out of the "my coach" program to avoid overeating
+ eat all of your meals from small plates. small plates make feel your eyes faster to feel full. 
+ leave all the pans and pots in the kitchen and don't take them into the dinning room. 
+ getting a second portion is allowed only one requirement: after finishing the first plate you have to wait for 10'. When you still feel hungry after 10' you can grab another portion in the kitchen. 
+ eat only as much, feeling like you could always still eat two more table spoons of it.