my coach, day 3 - muesli breakfast & vietnamese dinner

today I had a meeting at 9am & since I wanted to make it to the gym before & was busy on Tuesday night I did not have time to prepare a "fancy" breakfast. So lucky me, I still got a bit of the delicious granola from my breakfast workshop. The granola was freshly roasted by THE TINY FACTORY, on my request they produced a gluten free version for me. All of their granolas are sweetened with maple syrup, contain a lot of nuts and taste divine. 

I served it with seasonal apples and unseasonal ;) (frozen) blueberries and oat milk. 

Went then over for coffee at my new favourite spot right at Langstrasse, so convenient, since it's only a 5' walk from our place, checkt out > ACID  - brewing beans from my favourite Zurich roasters MIRÓ... It's maybe the only hipster coffee place, where baristas are still friendly! thanks!

and oh hey, since it was our wedding anniversary, we enjoyed dinner out (after an intense tennis session) ;) 

we went to coming soon - vietnamese eatery. a pretty hipsterish Vietnamese restaurant right behind Langstrasse. as you arrive you already think you landed right within Vietnam. The interior is modern, as well as it reminds you of a street food restaurant in Asia. The food tasted very fresh and was wonderfully arranged. The glass of Riesling was super delicious as well. Maybe not the venue for our next anniversary, but I'm glad we tried it. I by the way got the "Canh Chua" a vegetable broth with a lot of fresh veggies and rice on the side (vegan). My husband "Bun Bo Xao" > glass noodles, lots of greens and beef stripes. (I guess beside the meat I'd loved that one too). Next time I'd try the papaya salad. Another good thing about that place is; they keep the menu simple, which I really appreciate.