my coach, day1 - overnight oats & vegetable gratin with millet

hello hello. Jeez! I'm actually to tired to write about my first "my coach" experience. But since I had delicious food today I did not want to withhold it. I'm currently following the meal plan from Freunde am Kochen - it's called "my coach". At first I was a little sceptical if the strict plan would offer enough free space for my creativity. (since I mostly make up my own recipes - a mixture of different ones). But because I just like to challenge myself I started today. Since it needs a little preparation I already went through the recipe box on Sunday. I choose the overnight oats, because I already hat oats and dairy free milk at home. (the package comes with a shopping list, which you could follow, I firstly went through my fridge & cupboard to check what I already have or how I could adapt the recipes). here are two recipes of my first day. 

Overnight Oats

+ 4 table spoons oats
+ 1 cup dairy free milk
+ a pinch of cinnamon
+ a little bit of lemon / lime
+ honey (I just got a new acacia honey from Mr. & Ms. Bio - it's amazing)
+ fruit of your choice
+ nuts / dried fruit as you like (I got some dried physalis & apples from Mr. Snackins - yum)

mix the first for ingredients and put it into your fridge (O V E R N I G H T) ;)) 

just stir a bit in the morning & you maybe want to add some more milk. serve with fruit and nuts / granola / seeds, whatever you like. very quick and easy breakfast. you can also double / tripple the portion and eat overnight oats all week long ;) 

Millet-vegetable gratin with veganella & mint-basil pesto

+ I used zucchini, eggplants and mushrooms (since I still had them farm fresh in my fridge)
+ 2 cups cooked millet
+ spices (I used my favourite salt free herbal spice from Mr. & Ms. Bio)
+ 3-4 table spoons dairy free milk (I used oat milk from Soyana)
+ Veganella (vegan "Mozzarella" - it's made out of cashews)
+ sunflower seeds

I cooked a whole pot of millet (since I'll use more during the week). Preheat the oven (200°). Chop up the vegetables and mix everything beside the Veganella. Pour into a baking tray. Then top the mixture with Veganella and seeds, as much as you like, sprinkle salt and pepper over it and bake for around 20'. 

In the meanwhile you can prepare the pesto: 

Basil-Mint Pesto
1 bundle mint
+ 1 bundle basil
+ 1/2 lemon (juiced)
+ a little less than 1 cup of olive oil
+ salt and pepper
+ 1-2 slices Veganella (I saved some from the gratin)

put all the ingredients into your blender and blend till smooth. You can also add almonds, pine nuts, cashews to it and skip the veganella. 

my summary after the first day. I'm positively surprised. The program is a great guideline and still offers a lot of creativity. i.e. I just used the vegetables in my fridge instead of buying the suggested broccoli (I knoooow' broccoli is green and has a lot of great nutrients - next time) and the actual recipes would have included meat & dairy - I just exchanged / skipped it.
Another very positiv thing: I did spend way less money than usually. Because with a meal plan and shopping list you don't get overwhelmed by all the options or confused by your lust. 

ok, good night or good morning on the other side of the globe. I'm done for today..