the perfect cheese platter - for a perfect brunch...

Already a few Saturdays ago I got to throw a summer breakfast party for girls. It was so much fun and there were tons of delicious things on the table. I gave my best to keep it simple though.
We had a variety of smoothies (Freunde am Kochen & Innocent), Mr. Snackins fabulous goodies, sugar free marmalade from Mr. & Ms. Bio, self made Acai bowls (from Amazonian), The perfect match was MANDY and the tiny factory granola, and unbeatable vegan spreads (Soyana).
AAAND: a huge variety of cheese from Welschland. my favourite, shop for specialities from the Western (French speaking) part of Switzerland. It's a very authentic organic store, open till late in the evening in our neighbourhood (Kreis4). Martin, the owner, gave me some very valuable hints & tips for the perfect cheese platter. There are a few "rules" to follow if you want to make it right ;) (not to underestimate). Cheese platter are great fun! There are almost no creativity boundaries.
here we go: 

+ choose a variety of cheese: hard to soft / recent to mild
+ around 5 sorts of cheese (220g / person)
+ cheese-clock: arrange the cheese clockwise, begin with the mildest (that's how it should be eaten too)
+ decorate with natural products whose tastes agree with the cheeses; herbs, nuts, dried fruit, grapes. 
+ cheese knife: It's nice to have several cheese knives so the flavours of the stronger ones aren't mixed into the others. (I got mine at: Edition Populaire, that store is beyond beautiful)
+ provide a basket full of great bread (I got my favourite rye sourdough bread from John Baker)
+ wine, wine, wine.. (or as we did: juice, coffee / tea - it's allowed; MIRÓ proved)
+ you can even put a vegan cheese on the platter (options..)
+ I added a vegan spread onto mine


Enjoy! Cheers!

Pictures by Rachel W. from Photography Berger

wearing a dress from Samsoe, handcrafted leather clutch from Pènte, Sunday Somewhere glasses
hair done by Flechtwerkstatt