hahaha, what a wordplay ;) green is my very favourite colour. Perfect, because: 

"Greens are the No. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health". 
Here's a list: 12 amazingly good for your health green foods

I just love how many things do grow in Switzerland at the moment. Everything just tastes so fresh at the moment. And for the first time I tried the home delivery by - the delivery came exactly on time. I ordered a selection of Swiss products and just love all of it. and here's what I made out of it: 

open sandwich with spicy vegan mayo
+ organic bread from John Baker
+ vegan mayo (I used the Mandonaise from Soyana - tastes like real Mayo, trust me)
+ crema di peperoncini from Terra Verde (caution: super super hot) ;) 
in a bowl combine 1-2 tablespoons of the vegan mayo and 1 tea spoon (less/more; depending how spicy you are), mix well and spread on sliced bread

+ add your favourite toppings; I grilled some veggies & put them on top of fresh salad and drizzled some pumpkin seed oil over it (Juckerfarm)


farm fresh salad & polenta-yellow lentil cakes

+ green salad
+ raw vegetables, grapes, avocado
+ herbs
+ lemon / lime & a cold pressed oil for the dressing, spices
(I love the ones from Daphnis and Chloe)

boil the polenta & lentils in lightly salted (I used a herbal salt from Mr. & Ms. Bio) water & almond milk, ones it's done:
+ cut 1 onion & add to the mixture and fry in a pan (I used coconut oil from Vaivai)

and a smoothie from mono delivery, just because it's delicious :)