refreshing breakfast jar!

summer arrived. it's rhubarb & strawberry season. time for a refreshing breakfast jar. I'd say; make your way to the weekly farmers market and get some fresh berries. 


rhubarb & apple compote: 
+ 1 cup rhubarb
+ 1 apple
+ ts water
boil the ingredients for about 10-15' till soft
add some vanilla, honey, cinnamon.. 

tart chia pudding: 
+ 1 cup chia seeds
+ 1 cup (or more) almond milk (I used the one from Juicery21)
+ 1 coconut milk yoghurt (I used my favourite one from Harvest Moon)

acai topping: 
+ prepare your acai - i blended mine with blueberries, strawberries & almond milk, my favourite Acai blend by:

finish the whole thing with your favourite granola, seeds, nuts.. I topped mine with a home made buckwheat granola & hemp seeds.