Real Swiss Birchermuesli

I'm Swiss. No doubt!
My eating habits are indication enough, I guess.. I love to eat breakfast. I could probably leave out all the other meals of the day. But not the first one. A thing I'll never get tired of is a home made Birchermuesli. There are so many ways to prepare it, so many varieties. I definitely go for a healthy version. Because you sometimes gotta be careful: When it says Birchermuesli on the package it doesn't necessarily mean: healthy! It can still contain loads of refined sugar, starch or cream! But it was actually meant to be a healthy dish. More than 100 years ago a medicine named Maximilian Bircher-Brenner developed our BIRCHERMUESLI. The original recipe only contained: ground apples, oats, hazelnuts, water and lemon juice. Mister Brenner was a convinces vegetarian and only did raw foods. The main ingredients was the grind apples (with the peel and core - because of the nutrients).  
So I definitely prefer to make my own. A very quick and easy breakfast, full of all the nutrients your body needs. And actually never boring, let me prove you.. 

Recipe (4 servings)
+ 1 1/2 cups oats (extra fine)
+ 1/4 cup flaxseeds
+ 4-5 dates, chopped into tiny pieces
+ 1 1/2 cups almond milk
+ juice of one lemon / lime / orange (I like it tart, so I go for lemons or limes)
+ 1/4 cup frozen berries

mix the upper ingredients and put into your fridge for a couple of hours (preferably over night), you may want to add more almond milk / citrus juice after soaking, make sure that the liquid covers the mass. 

+ 2-3 kiwis cut into tiny pieces
+ 1-2 bananas, slices
I then add the cut fruit, since I want to quarantee freshness. Before serving I decor the Birchermuesli with some more fruit, berries and I sprinkle some seeds (flax / hemp / sunflower seeds) over it. You could also chop nuts and put on top. 

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