superfood breakfast quinoa

Papaya and goji berries - are definitely two of my favourites things to eat at the moment! The best part of it: Both are loaded with antioxidants.  JEEZ! Why did I not realise earlier this year that papayas do get imported from Mexico and therefore are very much more affordable than in Switzerland..?! 

Breakfast quinoa: 
- prepare a cup of quinoa as directed on the package (I use organic quinoa), I cooked the quinoa with water, date and fig pieces (as a natural sweetener)
- in a pan I melted almond butter with almond milk
- mix the cooked quinoa (including the date&fig pieces) with the melted almond butter, cinnamon and cut apples
- top it with your favourite seeds, dried berries (that would be flax/hemp/pumpkin seeds, goji/cranberries when it comes to me) :)

+ I added papaya and poured a little bit of unsweetened almond milk into the bowl