Say YES to second life fashion!

It feels like I am temporarily suffering a writer’s block.
There are like a trillion topics I would love to write about and share with you.
a billion deadlines coming closer (scary thing) & another million new projects in the pipeline.
Good problems, because I have a job.
Who does not know the feeling of inner unrest? A constant line of thinking.
Writing down my thoughts helps me to unravel.
Starting somewhere is my mantra, even when it’s just 1 thing a day. It’s ok, because my main focus is being a loving mum (& to get a little work done when little one is napping).
Also I don’t want to miss out stopping along the way and enjoying the beauty of nature lying in front of us (so important for a peaceful heart. Little one is my helper.

He makes me pause, stop and stare, just as he does!

Starting to work of my list I want to share with a matter of the heart.
A collaboration which I am very fascinated about.
It’s the one with A very cool online “second hand” store.

We live in a fast paced world!
Surely, inner restlessness is a by-effect of it.
We tend to thrive. We want it all. We want it better, we want it now, and most of us, are wealthy enough (side note: Swiss guys, yes we are), to afford a lot of our wishes. Why?
We are afraid, that the jacket from last season is not “cool” enough anymore.
I’m honestly guilty too. We as family embrace a minimal way of life. But I still want my boy to be the cool kid (and me being the cool mum), ouch! Lucky me, that there are moments of recognition! Moments when I get back home and feel overwhelmed by all the things we own.
Too many things take my breath away and distract me.
That’s why I am super happy about the clothe swap concept. Little humans grow so fast and the beloved pieces are outgrown in like a second. Currently we are getting ready to move our home and I am pleased about every piece I don’t have to move. offers a wide selection of second season and second hand clothes (great quality).
The best part about it: You can send worn clothes from labels which you can buy on Stadtlandkind to Kidis and they will resell it for you. As “thank you”, you’ll get gift vouchers from Stadtlandkind. You can either spend them on something new or donate the money to a Swiss charity organisation.
High quality kids fashion for affordable prices. how does that sound?
I love matching new items with second season / second hand things. It makes the outfit interesting. be creative!
For me it’s like a treasure hunt every time I visit a second hand boutique or a flea market. It’s such a blissful feeling when I find something. Hunting for cute things is absolutely one of my favourite things to do..

On flea markets the hunting instinct in me emerges ;)

Lee wearing:
+ Leggins & Pullover from Iglo&Indi, I got them from (second season)
+ Jacket from Mingo, I got them from YAY Kids (new)
+ Nooshi from Petit Stellou, (he has it till birth)
+ Ugg boots, (second hand find at Kleiderbar Zürich for chf 5.-, when he wasn’t even born)
+ Beanie from Zara, (new 2018)