He is O N E - he is a gift!

You are not rich until you have something money can’t buy

precious moments captured by Chris Züger

And then he was O N E. 
Happy Birthday to us :) What a year - from giving birth, to our first stroll in the city, Los Angeles, the Swiss Alps, giggles, tears, milk, weaning, solids, cuddles, more cuddles, endless walks and so on, tons of unforgettable moments. Thank you little Lee. 

You are pure fun, even watching you eat tons of blueberries is an adventure itself! I love sharing my muesli with you and even if you'd eat the whole watermelon yourselves, I'd be ok with it. 
I love you more than watermelon (and for thats a lot). 

the material part of sight of motherhood: 
Before having baby Lee I had a couple of things in mind which I really wanted to get for him, mostly basics (such as a blanket, table ware and a natural rubber pacifier). 
As you know me I actually like to own as little as possible. Too many things make me nervous and I tend to give away very quickly. But when it comes to baby stuff, I could buy it all.

BUT: I decided on rather clinging to a handful amazing things / shops, than buying from here and there! 
This way I don't always have to "hunt" for new things, they will attract my eyes somewhen in a naturally at some point anyways. 

I consider carefully and for a longer period before buying something. When it does not get out of my mind for a long time, then I know it's right to get it. 

There's a handful of things, labels and shops I could not forget:

Nooshi and Nooshi Blanket from Petit Stellou
Super soft organic material which you can use from Day 1 on. 
Long before Lee was born I put the nosh blanket (colour midnight) on my wish list. To me it's definitely more than a piece of fabric, it's a story! My little baby boy was wrapped up in it from the beginning on. 

Enamel Tableware from YIV
Not only for kids, you can use it for everything, it will (hopefully) last a lifetime. If not: I will get it again! 

Spoons from CINK
via Snowflake Kindermöbel

Another thing I wanted for a long time already, so happy that a Swiss store (located in Zurich) recently started to sell them. 

Wooden Blocks from Wooden Story,
over the Webshop: Young and Brave

I have been wanting the blocks since falling pregnant. But stopped myself getting them because there was no use for it so far. As soon as it was close enough to Lees birthday, I finally got them. And he loves it so much (and his daddy does too).

Toys from MOLUK
"In a time where everything is getting more virtual, MOLUK offers toys that are totally manual, toys that get children to move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and minds.

There are no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructions – MOLUK toys are powered simply by a child's imagination."

Nothing left to say. Lee was fascinated straight away. As soon as he found that cute little ball in the box he was entertained. MOLUK toys are next level! 

Outfits from:
YAY Kids

Snowflake Kindermöbel
eli-ju (handmade perfection)


Bottles and Pacifiers: 
We love the ones from MAM (especially the glass bottles and glowing pacifiers)