Fall days

And just like that it’s the end of November. Within a few days the air got a lot colder and fall turned into winter.
It felt like a short fall season (because the trip to Barcelona and the long summer). I was afraid of loosing summer, but in the end it was the most magnificent season ever.

The leaves turnt into marvellous colours, the crisp morning air, the warming mid-day sun, fall walks, Zoo and farm visits, fresh apples & apple juice.

FALL 2018 you were as gorgeous as Summer 2018!

Fall to me is the preparation of winter. and I guess we are ready for the next season now. But before snowy pictures I don’t want to miss out on sharing my favourite fall moments.

Click on the links to shop the pieces.

Softest merino wool leggings from Minimalisma over Young and Brave

Wooly sweater grey (Nixnut), sponsored by YAY Kids.
Red yes / no sweater (Bobo Choses), sponsored by Stadtlandkind.

Denim jacket (Mingo), sponsored by YAY Kids.
L’asticot Explored over Instagram (thank you), head over heels in love with this Geneva based label.
The pieces are 100 % made out of natural materials. Absolutely soft, I would want it for me too!
Thank you L’asticot

Lambskin boots for cooler and very cold days from Lieblinge! No cold feet at all time.