Nine month with our boy

January, you were wonderful to us! 

The year has only begun, and we already got to spend one week up in the mountains, enjoyed the warmth of spring and were privileged to do a fun photo session with Chris Züger - I'm not exaggerating, it was indeed huge fun and felt like five minutes. Even my husband, who was a bit "sceptical" at the beginning (because he actually does not like doing stuff like that) was amazed by the ease standing in front of the camera. Chris is such a talent, he surely knows how to activate  people and spread great fun (I think you'll understand better when looking at the pictures bellow). Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures and memories, which I'll treasure forever!! 
I will be sharing another set of our shooting somewhen before Valentines day ;) 
... L O V E is in the air!  

come on sweetheart let’s adore one another before there’s no more of you and me.

and yes, as you can see - Little Lee nowadays fully enjoys rides in his brand new stroller from Nuna, a brand with roots in Amsterdam! 
and indeed, mommy and daddy feel the same way. After carrying him for more than seven month, the stroller now gives us some space (especially David does appreciate, I'm the strong one when it comes to carry the baby) ;)) - I think it's the mother gene, which  he does not have. Anyone feeling me? 
Also a huge thank you to little pearls for providing Lee mans the cute pants from  Monkind Berlin and Chlini Moccs for the super soft moccasins. 
Also, how cute is his dwarf cap? It took me quite a while finding a fitting one (and yes I bought some which did not fit in the end). This one does!!! :) It's handmade and 100% merino wool and we got it from eli-jiu