petit stellou - a small label with a great philosophy!

I'm a newborn mum. and yes: everyting's new! 

What I also like about my new job as mommy is discovering labels & cute things for the boy. It's even a bigger pleasure when I stumble upon a lovely Swiss brand. One of my finds is Petit Stellou. I found that label when I just fell pregnant quite a while ago at the concept store >> TING in Zurich! Their consciousness made me want to buy everything and know more about the women behind the brand. So I asked them a few questions. You can read the whole interview right here. and have a look at my Petit Stellou collection a little further bellow. Their products are simply amazing and I just love the very soft fabric of the blankets. 

1. How did it all start? And who are the faces behind the label? 

In 2012 Christelle founded the brand Petit Stellou and designed a first collection of baby classics.
Since 2014 we are a two man business, because it's too much work for one person. As well as it's way more fun to have a companion to share everything with. 

We both have a graphic design background. Christelle collected some experiences in selling and distribution. Ones having babies (both of us got two children between 8 and 16 years) our lives completely changed, to the best. 
The joy of our families definitely affected our creative projects. 
After years living in the same village met each other randomly. And connected right away - perfect match! 

Since then we day by day fulfil our dream together. The dream of a very fulfilling working life and a intensive family daily routine. 
The good thing about an own business is having adjustable working hours. We're both very motivated to climb mountains together. 

2. Why petit stellou - what's the story behind the name? 

Christelle is half French, the name is a neogolism, formed with different names from family members. 

3. Who designs / selects your products? 

Both are part of the process. We both collect ideas, discuss them and check the possibilities. The production does not get started before both are convinced.  

It's important to us to design very durable and long-lasting products. In the best case products which can be used over generations! 

4. Where do you produce your fabrics? And what's important for you?

Our main factories are in Germany as well as in Portugal. 
Fair labor conditions as well as accessibility and short hauls are part of the decision where we produce. 
We love to collaborate with different kind of companies and designer. 
At the moment we are developing special wooden rattles in a Zurich based social facility. 

5. Your favorite baby essential? 

Our darlings are the NOOSHI blankets. What we especially like is that you can use them long after the baby stage. It's a very convenient and cool companion. 
We like the wooden toys because their wonderful classics. Practical and persistent, perfectly made for a baby's daily life. 

6. Any kind of advive for a newborn mama? 

Jump right into the adventure! Stay open for new things and leave room for dreams! 

7. Future plans for your business - maybe a petit stellou store in Zurich? 

Our baby business is becoming a toddler. It's becoming bigger and more pretentious. 
We're just growing with it. Same as with our toddlers we're not quite sure yet where the journey will lead us. 

But that's exactly the good part about it!