oh boy! the sweetest interruption ever.

Lee David Kernen, he made me a mummy before Mothers Day. The first days and weeks at home were filled with more joy (and least sleep) E V E R. 

He was actually supposed to arrive by May 18. but came May 2nd. I experienced a very short and pretty smooth first birth. My water broke at 2am and Lee arrived at 5:30am. By the time we arrived the hospital I was already dilated 2cm and one hour later 7cm.. So by that time I was begging for a PDA, but our very experienced midwife suggested on not having one done. since it would extend the process. eyes shut and go for it then!! ;)  45' later Lee was born in the water. 

Meeting my baby for the first time was the most undescribable moment ever, it literally took my breath away and I bursted into tears. 

Working on that post having my miracle on my lap I'm still amazed by what our bodies are capable for. To all the twin moms out there - how did you survive pushing out another one?? ;) 
and I'm even more amazed by the tiny miracle lying next to me. I can hardly grasp it. My husband and I use to lie in our bed and stare at our boy. It's an unbelievable gift, never even close experienced a wonder like it. 

a huge T H A N K Y O U to the whole team of the hospital (Triemli Zurich). I felt so secure and well treated. Everyone of the team had so much passion for the little one. Can I come back? It actually felt like being on vacation..  

and as well thank you for everyone who did visit us and for all the congratulations we received. thanks for celebrating and rejoicing with us. I can really hardly put my feelings into words. but I tried.. and yes we even ordered birth announcement cards. we are both actually masters in procrastinating such things ;) not this time. I mean - only a little bit. Since we intended to design them ourselves but luckily I stumbled upon some really pretty cards on Instagram from
R O S E M O O D I was very happy about it, since I did some research on announcement cards before giving birth  and could not find any design which I would want to send away. So just after giving birth I then saw their cards on Instagram, and fell in love with it.. (they also do cards for other occasions too). 

next adventure as family> moving day!

we moved (ones again). and due to this little Lee finally got his own room. I think it's his mommy who is more stoked about it at the moment than he is ;) a little sneak peek into his room a little further bellow