pregnancy - the beginning of the most incredible journey!

It's the beginning of motherhood. I could not feel more privileged, more content.. It's been an amazing almost ten month, I got to enjoy a pretty smooth first pregnancy. And I think I'm ready now to meet our cute little miracle baby boy. I experienced very emotional moments the past few weeks during my list trimester. From one second to another I could not hold myself and was bursting into tears. And I can't even explain you why. hormones, gratefulness, tension and excitement combined. I was literally a wreck in those moments and pretty glad, that I got to enjoy it all alone back home. 
Am I afraid of giving birth? Uff tough question. Everyone asking me will get a clear & confident "NO". I trained it the past months. Fear induces pain, that's what I want to avoid as long as possible. I believe that there will be the most experienced midwives & doctors caring for us. And I believe that my everlasting and almighty God will stand beside me and helping me through. 
But of course, there have been and there still are moments when I'm pondering over facts (mostly when I read a little too many facts in an online forum, where women tend to dramatise their experience). That's when I need to focus on something else and practise to speak out health, a pain-free birth and strength over our family! I am very much at ease that I don't get to do that journey and first time experience alone, but got to enjoy it together with my beloved husband and dear friend. We are beyond thankful for what's ahead of us. 

many thanks to PALVI PHOTOGRAPHY for capturing those moments.