Showering the baby boy

Ok this post is definitely dedicated to all of my dear and loving girl friends. 
I got to enjoy the perfect Saturday. Which started off with an amazing brunch on the farm. Organised by, the venue was picturesque. We had a very good morning enjoying the view over the lake of Zurich. In the middle of blooming apple and cherry trees we savoured all the farm fresh delicacies. 
A friend then picked me up for an afternoon walk before heading over to the my baby shower. 
I'm still breathless about the beauty my friends did put into that afternoon. Everything was spotlessly arranged and they definitely hit the bullseye. My wish was a watermelon (very high on my pregnancy craving list). And since my friends are perfectionists I did not just get a watermelon, I got a watermelon cake! a dream! 
green is my favourite colour and so the whole apartment was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, herbs and eucalyptus. 
We definitely got spoilt. With tons of super cute presents, kindness and sweet love. 
T H A N K . Y O U ! you guys are irreplaceable.