we reached the baby food stage.

So here we are. Little Lee six month old already. Super wild and a whole lot of fun. Especially during meal time, he's beyond cute (and messy). 
It's incredibly amazing watching him experiencing food for the first time. I always try to imagine, how it felt tasting something for the first time. 

Eating like baby do is actually so simple and so plain. Something so back to the roots, back to the origine. No additives, no sugar, just fruit or veggies -  exactly how it was planed at the beginning. Little by little and not too many things at ones. The baby puree phase just reminded me of something I wanna go back to. Back to black - just maybe with a little more spices and herbs! 
So what's important to me? 
I try to get organic (but rather regional) ingredients. I want him to start with the best food he can get. I want him to enjoy meal time>> it surely takes time, but I love gathering around the table, so I just started having lunch dates with my boy .
I was actually looking forward to that season from the beginning on. But when we reached it I watched myself pushing it a little further away (breastfeeding is very convenient). Back from out trip to L.A. we started for real. Gladly I got a huge delivery from a Swiss company called yamo - which made it very easy at the beginning. I simply had to mix the purees with a bit of oil and a few spoons of pap. Too bad for me that he liked it so much and there were almost no leftovers ;) 
Yamo cares about the pureness of their purees. Their ingredients are basic and you can always mix the purees with one-two tablespoons of a preferred pap (I go for a multigrain one at the moment and I really like to grind oats). Super important to me is that there's no added sugar my babys food. This will surely come (too) soon enough. And I don't trust palm oil.. ;) 

hints and tips from your side are appreciated. our baby refused the puree (which I prepared) with the fish inside. I can surely understand, since it smells like dog food ;) 

Starting with food can be a bit overwhelming. Actually it was to me. When to start with what. What to do and not to do. There are so many meal plans you could follow. Help!! here are a few lessons I've learned the past few weeks (please don't judge) ;)

- no salt, herbs, onions, garlic within the first year (careful with tomatoes and legumes> could trigger bloating)
- feed the baby with a spoon
- your little one should drink enough (I didn't realise that & he then reacted with a bit of constipation, now we're trying to cure it with apple juice and loads of water)
- my baby likes some vegetable purees better when I mix them with something sweet (banana or mango i.e.) >> same as the food industry does it to us adults ;) 
- feeding takes time, so plan it well. we do 12pm and 5:30pm at the moment. 
- keep it simple, a baby does not need a lot of changes during the first months, slowly add more to the meal plan
- let them play with it (a slice of carrot, cucumber, tangerine slice or piece of bread)
- a lot of bibs needed (and a wet towel on the table to clean hands ones in a while) > all about being organised (or trying to be)
- enjoy it! 

by the way: I love the purees as well. they actually go perfect with my morning granola ;) 
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