Summer vacation Berner Oberland & Vaud

My husband and I decided on enjoying Swiss summers to the fullest untill we will be bound to school holidays. We like to keep it simple (mainly to avoid stress as much as possible).
So this year we just drove 2,5 hours by car instead of waiting for a long time at the airport :)

Off we go. On Tuesday we left for Gstaad / Saanen (Bernese Oberland). Firstly we stopped in Bern though (because our relatvies just had their first baby). And when in Bern then Gelateria the Berna and a coffee from Sattler is a must!

Another 1,5 hour drive through valley and we reached our target: HUUS Hotel Gstaad. A high class boutique hotel located in the Bernese Oberland, offering splendid wellness and a vide range of mountain activities.
HUUS Gstaad also got rated as one of the 14 best family hotels (worldwide) in 2019!
The place they prepared for us was bigger than our apartment in Zurich :)
3 (!) toilets, one very spacious bedroom with a dining table, a big living room, a walk-in closet, 2 balconies and 2 TVs. Sweet treats on the table awaiting us and a cute little backpack for Lee. And everything perfectly designed! We felt like kings and queens!

Only a 20 minutes walk (Downhill) to the cute little town Saanen, where you actually feel like being in a museum (because super clean and spruced up). On our first day, we went for a walk and dinner down there, Lee loved playing in the pedestrian zone and it was super relaxed. Afterwards my husband went to the spa and I enjoyed the fresh mountain air on the balcony.

The mountain air and the cozy bed made us sleep like babies. And I loved hitting the gym very early in the morning before heading to the gigantic breakfast buffet (gigantic is actually an understatement - my husband never felt hungry till dinner).

Since being located very close to Vaud we decided on driving to Montreux on our second day. I absolutely love this Region, the drive took around 1 hour 15 minutes (curvy roads through the forest and along vineyards, not being pregnant I would have wanted a glass of wine right after arriving. Side note: I even started watching a documentary on winemaker the other day) ;)
From Montreux you can walk along the promenade to Château de Chillon (35 minutes), There’s a lake access right next to the castle and swimming in the lake of Geneva was absolutely refreshing.

On our last day in the mountains we drove to a mountain lake called “Arnensee”. To enter by car you Need to pay CHF 5,. (which is absolutely fine compared to the more popular mountain lakes in Switzerland).
We walked around the whole lake (45 minutes, just make sure to bring a mountain suitable stroller if being with a kid or no stroller at all and carry your baby / toddler. It’s not a super intense walk but since it’s pure nature there are some obstacles along the way) ;)
We loved spening the afternoon in absolute Wildlife. Only a few others did visit as well. There’s a playground and a restaurant at the edge of the lake.
On our way back to our accommodation HUUS Gstaad we stopped in Gstaad, Another very lovely little town, which we have never been before. A lovely Promenade to sit, have a gelato and watch people passing by :)

Hotel HUUS Gstaad was the perfect basis to explore another part of Switzerland. And there would have been so so much more (like the Cailler chocolate factory and Lauenensee for example and not to forget all the amazing activities organized by the hotel).
Switzerland offers so much beauty, why always travelling far??

A huge and warm THANK YOU to the whole team of HUUS Hotel Gstaad for having and spoiling us!