Brasserie Freilager, Zurich

Married to the love of my life.
A great reason to celebrate. We wanted to do so in a place, we were eager to try for a long time. We wisely chose Brasserie Freilager - why? Because I have walked by that place for like 1 Million times already and it was almost always gem packed (no matter if lunch or dinner). 

When I read their menu, I was hooked! They focus on a small selection of dishes, which I personally prefer. Small menus guarantee freshness and it leaves more room to elaborate the selected courts. 
Also with a wide selection of dishes I mostly have difficulties to make up my mind.
My husband occasionally eats meat, I don't. He was very excited to be trying the Dieter Meier beef from his own Estancia in Argentina. We have had one of his wines (Ojo de Agua) and were absolutely enthusiastic about it. 

The service at the restaurant was fabulous. Very attentive, friendly and mindful. 

We started with a salad to share. They even divided it onto two plates so we could get a different dressing each (my husband does not like cilantro at all). Thanks for your straightforwardness!
I got the fish for the main course, and my husband the entrecôte with café de Paris. Let me tell you, I tried the butter and it was: YUM. If I would not be that health conscious I would have eaten it with bread ;) The plates looked amazing. I got a super smooth sweet potato puree and avocado mash with the fish. And David enjoyed risotto with his gigantic piece of meat. 

By the way: they have a daily vegetarian special on the menu and I'm sure they would be flexible and experienced enough for your extra wishes. 

It was a night and dinner to remember! Thank you Brasserie Freilager for having us! 

And since we loved it so much, I'm pleased to give away a gift voucher (dinner for two) at that amazing restaurant in Zurich! Simply leave a comment bellow and tell me with whom you'd like to enjoy a night out! good luck!