Chez Oskar, bowls bowls bowls.

Hello dear Oskar. We are so glad you made it to our neighbourhood!! 

Chez Oskar, the latest (and pretty much only) breakfast joint in Zürich-Altstetten. Finally. Finally there's a shop were I can grab a coffee after a yoga session at Yoga in a Bag or a kick-ass pilates workout at CITYPILATES (both studios belong to my favourites in Zurich, already the appearance and kindness of the staff is worth a session)!

The team of Chez Oskar serves nutritious breakfast and lunch options. Freshly squeezed orange juice, great coffee (using Café Noir beans) and so on.. 

So far I got to try different salad bowls (all of them are vegan, home made and come with a tasty dressing), juices and smoothie bowls (acai and spirulina). The smoothie bowls are filling and served with a crunchy granola on top. 
Chez Oskar rewards your fidelity! Every 11. bowl / coffee is on them! 

Soon there will also be outdoor seating. Thanks for being brave and opening your doors in the so far rather somber area. You brighten up our lives!!

P.S.: My personal favourite>> the ginger shot! (never had such a plain & fiery one)


Win a breakfast / lunch bowl and a coffee of your choice!


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Winner will be announced by Friday, 15.06.2018! GOOD LUCK! :)