California, first family vacation.

Before heading to Los Angeles we spent some days at our friends place in Orange County. It was perfect to settle, rest and overcome the jetlag. Travelling with a baby is a complete new thing. A new experience and a new chapter for both of use, which we still need to get used to. But I think it's getting a bit easier with every day. 

"oh it's already 8am and we still got all of our nerves" ;) - quote by my dear husband, which more or less nails it. we were both pretty exhausted at the beginning. the long flight, the time difference, a teething (aka grouching) baby... 
I think we both just realised what it means to be family. And how easy things were just the one/two of us. For me it was the morning run, which I very appreciated. Now I need to organise before leaving. I would not want it any other way, but it needs time to get used to our new lifestyle. One thing which we still try to is checking out coffee spots and restaurants. Some days we can full on enjoy the places, some days we would have better prepared coffee at home.. ;) 


Here are some favourite places we tried this time down in Orange County. We could not yet make it to Sidecar Donuts, but we surely will try the Santa Monica location. 

Kitcoffee,  Newport Beach
Amazing coffee, abd a few pretty thingies (like cups etc) - aswell as a small breakfast menu. 

Neat coffee, Costa Mesa
The almond milk latte was amazing, they are using a localy made almond milk by Rawmond Milk. 

Common Room Roasters,  Newport Beach
loved their golden latte, long black & latte (everything from the finest), also serving breakfast

Sancho's Tacos, Huntington Beach
Finest Mexican cuisine in easy environment. We tried their Quesadilla & a few sides. 
And there's a coffee shop right next door serving Acai Bowls

Heritage Mercantile Co., Costa Mesa
Established in 2013, Heritage Mercantile Co. is a purveyor of unique, handmade goods. They believe in sustainable products, local makers and timeless design.

and a few more impressions from our first days.. we made it to Los Angeles now. Staying at an amazing little house (in someones backyard) and enjoying beautiful Venice. I'll keep you posted. 

We luckily brought our carrier from Stokke since little Lee does not like to lay in the stroller anymore. As well as it is just more convenient getting around. And I'm also very happy that I brought the nursing towel, it's another thing breastfeeding in the US. I'm pretty much ok breastfeeding in public back home, but, for some reason I kind of feel watched doing it here... ;)

thanks for sponsoring little ones amazing summer outfit: Yay Kids! 
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