la dolce vita - Ristorante Zurlinden 21, Zurich

how to start a week right? authentic Italian food! YAS. 
I think since being pregnant I more and more embrace a "la dolce vita" lifestyle. So on that Monday night there was nothing more easy as this. I got treated with the most delicious Italian soul food. 

Zurlinden 21 just opened it's doors in November 2016. The chefs working there are real Italians, with an Italian accent, while speaking English. It was a feisty night!
All their dishes are completely made in house. Stunning! If you cannot believe it - convince yourselves with a visit. Right before dinner, Alexia, she's one of the chefs, prepared the pasta in front of us, followed by tortelli and Baci di dama 
As watching her we got really hungry and I was glad as we got to enjoy the first course - which actually remained my highlight and I'm still dreaming of (the smell is still inside my mouth and nose). It was: Eggplant Parmigiana. One of the best ones I've ever had. It was not greasy at all and very flavourful. I could have eat a whole plate of it. But I'm glad they held the portions on the smaller side (still not too small though). Second course was also very delicious, since I'm a big fan of saffron. It was a Fregola Sarda dish with cauliflower (vegetarian option) or scallop. I choose the vegetarian one. 
Next one was the pasta (which we watched being prepared). With a sheep cheese and pepper sauce. This one was my least favourite, because the pasta was (for my taste) a little too "al dente" and I prefer thiner noodles. But anyways I'm probably not the most reliable person when it comes to pasta and sheep cheese ;) The next dish was mouthwatering again: The tortelli, filled with porcini and truffle and hazelnuts on the side. what a combination! YUM. 
All the dishes would have been accompanied by the compatible wine, but.. I had to watch them drinking it ;) 

Last but not least: a medley of wonderful sweet treats! everything was home made. It was a huge plate to share. I'm very glad our baby boy did help me eat that night.. 

GRAZIE MILLE. it was an all in all great night. I guess it will be hard to top your parmigiana! 

Ristorante Zurlinden 21
Zurlindenstrasse 21
8003 Zurich