baby mooning part I - Hotel Alpenblick, Bern!

A friend of mine just recently did send me a list with 33 "things to do before baby comes". And actually while reading the article I realised, that I already kind of started my own list. One resolution I made was to read more books (no books about pregnancy or motherhood). Since I probably might not be able to focus on reading ones the baby arrived.. 
Other things I unconsciously decided on doing: 
+ having a good nights sleep
+ to be more aware of mundane / simple things
+ to enjoy every sip of my morning coffee
+ taking many pictures of my growing bump
quality time with friends
going to the movies, at whatever time, with my dear husband

So, for the "friends" part I just recently gotta spend a night at the Hotel Alpenblick in Bern. 
To me, staying at a neat hotel, is one of the most relaxing things. Sleeping in a freshly made hotel bed is just one great feeling to me. We arrived Saturday afternoon and both of us felt quite tired. So we decided on just staying in that night.
But since I hardly can sit still, we went to workout a little bit. The hotel offered a lovely "retro style" gym. It was great fun! 
Afterwards be got plenty of fruit from the hotel lobby (sorry - I think 80% of the basket was consumed by us) ;)
The receptionist told us to check out the library, we did and my friend was beyond excited about that lovely room (she loves books).  
She did fall asleep while reading one of the borrowed books ;)

HELLO SUNDAY! let's brunch.. 
I'm probably already renown as an absolute breakfast / brunch lover!
So the buffet was just perfect for me. Everything was affectionately arranged and constantly restocked by the welcoming hotel staff. I could definitely start every Sunday like that. There was a huge bread selection & many healthy choices too!
I felt so refreshed after our "mini vacation". Thanks for carefully hosting us: Hotel Alpenblick

And now I'm currently planing "baby moon number two"! My husband and I will be flying to Barcelona middle of March.. Time's flying and I'm more and more obsessed with my bump. 
Baby boy, your mom is obsessed with you - and can't wait to finally meet you.. 

Hair done by: mad Hairstyling