MAXIMILIAN - our new (coffee) kiddo in town.

lately on our Sunday stroll through our neck of the woods I was pretty astonished when I read:  
hm, I thought, that I was pretty up to date when it comes to coffee places in Zurich ;) well then, I just knew where to get my morning coffee on Tuesday (since Monday is their day off). 

As planed I went to that newly discovered place. The owner is originally from Bali and told me that he opened the place (already) two month ago. It's a very spacious place with unique furniture, a little boho, a little retro. Daily news available with your coffee. They use coffee beans from Henauer Kaffee. The espresso he gave me to try was absolutely amazing! He told me that he got his barista certificate in Basel, and he's very concerned about the quality of his coffee (every espresso has to taste the same). There's a selection of cakes. And they are open till late at night. A very authentic place with great coffee!